Brady Boyd's Monday Morning Prayer

Dear God,

It’s Monday, but I am sure you’re already aware of that fact.  I hope you were pleased with what happened at church yesterday. By the way, thanks for being there. Church is always better when you attend. I hope you felt honored and I did not hinder people from meeting you personally.  I realize I am already rambling here, but you know how tanked I feel on Sunday afternoons and on most Mondays.  Why can’t I be one of those pastors who are hyped after a service instead of one who feels like a can of Spam? Talking to people about you should be the easiest thing I do, but instead it takes every bit of my energy.  Maybe it’s because we have an enemy who does not want people to hear the truth. I think Jesus mentioned something about birds eating the seeds off the ground as soon as it is scattered. I probably should pray more for these talks, so please remind me this week to do just that. I do not want any birds hanging around New Life next weekend.

Lord, help me not to notice the empty seats more than I see the faces of people sitting in the occupied chairs. I do want to pray for new people to attend New Life and fill the empty seats, but I also want to be a good shepherd to those who are there. Remind me on Sundays, when the attendance is a little down, that my popularity is not the reason people are gone. Sometimes, I take it personally, but you already know that, don’t you? Remind me regularly that we live in Colorado and on Sundays, when the weather is perfect, some people go to the park or to the mountains or to both. That is ok, because they can still listen to the talk online or by podcast. By the way, thanks for all the cool new technology that allows us to communicate and stay connected. Most people don’t give you the credit, but I know where great ideas come from.

Lord, help me to not be so aggravated when people give me immediate criticism about the Sunday talk. They should wait a day or so to give me their opinion but they don’t and probably never will. Forgive them Lord, because they have no idea how vulnerable and tired I feel right after a service. They have never been on a stage in front of people talking about life and death issues. When you give them that chance, I am sure they will then be more considerate about when to give their feedback.

Lord, help me not feel like every Sunday has to be “the best Sunday ever, in all of church history.” Not every talk has to be epic and not every worship service has to be “off the chain.” Remind all of my pastor friends on Twitter not to hype every weekend like it is the Super Bowl of all church weekends, every single week.  You know that every Sunday service is not that great, because you attend their churches, too.  Help us to build disciples with our weekend gatherings and not to create consumers who expect a new and improved product every weekend.

Lord, thanks again for allowing me to pastor New Life and to spend my life serving your bride. I do love her and hope you come back soon to find her spotless and without wrinkles.  Keep me focused on the important things and help me to ignore my own carnality. Thanks for the time. I hope to talk to you again real soon.



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