CHOSEN: Fingerprints

Various – see below

MAIN POINTS: God’s Sovereignity

  • Esther’s Election: 2:8,9,17,18
  • Moredchai’s Revelation: 2:21-23
  • King’s Decision: 5:1-3; 6:1; 8:3-7


  • God is Sovereign – don’t waste your life
  • God is Sovereign – don’t be discouraged – trust Him!
  • God is Sovereign – don’t do DIY – surrender!


‘I can say from experience that 95% of knowing the will of God consists in being prepared to do it before you know what it is.’   Donald Gray Barnhouse

‘Realize that when you put your faith in Jesus Christ, there can be no holding back. Your will must hand God its letter of resignation. For unless you submit to God’s will in everything, you are not submitting to Him in anything. Think about it. If you only follow God’s will when it happens to correspond to your own will, then you never have to surrender at all. You are simply asking God to endorse your own agenda as often as He can. But if you want new life in Christ, you must adopt God’s agenda and throw away your own.’ Philip Graham Ryken

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