1. Holy Spirit was Promised to us: Acts 1:8; John 16:5
  2. Holy Spirit was provided for us: Acts 2:2,4
  3. Holy Spirit prepares us: Acts 1:8


  • God keeps His promises!
  • God does it – be available!
  • God has a mission – be available!
  • Nothing changed – He has the same plan/power/people
  • Be being filled – Ephesians 5:18


‘Our reliance on the Spirit is not intended to foster an attitude of “I can’t do it,” but one of “I can do it through Him who strengthens me.” The Christian should never complain of want of ability and power.’       Jerry Bridges

‘Don’t ever forget that you cannot do what God has called you to do.  You cannot parent that child, love that husband, care for that elderly parent, submit to that boss, teach that Sunday school class, or lead that small-group Bible study.  God specializes in the impossible, so that when the victory is won and the task is complete, we cannot take any credit.  Others know we didn’t do it, and we know we didn’t do it.  We must always remember that we can only live the Christian life and serve God through the power of His Holy Spirit.  As soon as we think we can handle it on our own, we become useless to Him.  We have to be willing to get out of the way, let God take over, and let Him overshadow us.’    Nancy Leigh DeMoss 

 ‘The baptism of the Spirit means that I belong to His body; the fullness of the Spirit means that my body belongs to Him. The baptism is final; the fullness is repeated as we trust God for new power to witness. The baptism involves all other believers, for it makes us one in the body of Christ while the fullness is personal and individual. These are two distinct experiences and they must not be confused.’                                                                                                                                                                                                         Warren Wiersbe

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