A Sermon Listener’s Guide

I came across this on another blog – http://ericcsmith.wordpress.com/2009/02/09/a-sermon-listeners-guide/

I think it is very helpful:

  1. What was the biblical text of the sermon?
  2. Do I better understand this passage now than I did before?
  3. What was the main point or main points of the sermon?
  4. How did this message teach me about Christ and the Gospel?
  5. What truths do I need to believe because of this sermon?
  6. What application points were made in this sermon?
  7. What further personal application can I make for myself?
  8. What actions am I called to take this week because of this sermon?
  9. How did this sermon rebuke me or convict me of sin?
  10. How did this sermon bring me joy and hope?
  11. What questions do I still have about the biblical text or the sermon?
  12. How will this message impact my praying this week?
  13. Was I able to receive this word with gladness and a clear conscience, or is there some sin or distraction in my life that robbed me of the joy of hearing God speak to me?

One thought on “A Sermon Listener’s Guide

  1. I wasn’t sure where to put my comment…
    The journey on the boulevard of broken dreams is challenging and encouraging! Yesterday, I was challenged by Cristi’s sermon with regards to my attitude as worshipper. David was first concerned about the fact that Goliath insulted God and that’s why he reacted. I think I need to work on that because I’d like to have such a passion for God’s glory and His name!

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