Interestingly I read this quote today in Rick Warren’s newsletter, in the Quotes section:

“I care less and less how many people come forward – whether anybody comes forward or not. The important thing is whether I have made clear the gospel and the cost of following Christ.”   Billy Graham, The Evangelical World


What integrity from a man of God and a servant of the kingdom who probably has seen more success (dislike the word and the imagery often associated with it) than any of us in ministry! Yet the attitude is one that is most preoccupied with spiritual health – rather than success.


How much does that ‘fly’ in the face of current ministerial obsessions with numbers, crowds and ‘decisions’ that are just shallow.


Oh how I long to see in our ministries authentic fruitfulness (source: abiding in Christ) – that fruit that Jesus said ‘will last’! May God graciously grant it to us.

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