Surprising Generosity

I am preaching on the subject of generosity tomorrow and was so touched by something I have witnessed recently that fits in very well with the topic. I was spending some time with a family of new friends and their young son, Josh, not even a teenager yet (I think), showed me an incredible example of generosity.


There was a glassful of juice left in a bottle and – as he went to the cupboard to have some – he decided to come and ask all of us whether we would like some. And it wasn’ just a throwaway question. He took time to go around the table… Before drinking it, he put others’ needs first.


It was a powerful moment. Maybe – given the selfish, consumerist environment we live in – even extremely surprising, especially for someone so young… As I recall the event I think of Christ’s selflessness and His sacrifice. Josh modelled that without even knowing it, which perhaps makes it even more beautiful an act of kindness.


PS: Kudos to Phil and Helen who must have inspired their young son with the stories of Christ and their own example and influence.

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