What would you do?

I asked the question ‘What would you do if you could change the world?’ to our congregation. The replies were in many ways the expected ones: end poverty, stop wars, etc.

One answer surprised me. ‘Bring Jesus back’, somebody shouted. I have no idea what was the thinking behind it but it startled me somehow.

If they meant – Jesus coming back being the end of the world, with judgement and rewarding – I thought it illustrated a very escapist mentality, with not much compassion for a lost world in desperate need of a Saviour…

If they meant – Jesus walking, talking, healing & teaching the world again – it was almost an abdication of our role of being the light of the world/salt of the earth, carriers of Christ’s presence (Christ in you) in our communities, workplaces and families.

Christmas is a time of celebrating God’s act of changing the world/humanity. Through Christ’s Incarnation, Death and Resurrection, change IS possible. And we are the evidence – ambassadors of the Good News!

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