Authentic Discipleship

Missionary Karen Watson counted the cost of following Jesus. That’s why she left a letter with her pastor before going to Iraq. She went to provide humanitarian relief in the name of Jesus-but she was gunned down in the country she came to serve. The letter began, “You’re only reading this if I died.” It included gracious words to family and friends, and this simple summary of following Christ: “To obey was my objective, to suffer was expected, his glory my reward.”
“Missionary Slain in Iraq Mourned,” Los Angeles Times (3-17-04)

Refreshing to see that we still have Christ-followers ho have trully grasped what discipleship is all about: death to self, new ownership, sacrifice and mission. I feel so humbled and inspired by such an attitude. This is a counter-cultural message in today’s Western Church consumer/entertainment/feel good culture – a deeply needed message!

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