The West Wing

Last week I have finished series 7 (the last one) of (imo) the best scripted and acted TV series. It has been a tearfully sad affair (well, almost). An end of an era. Several initial remarks:

  • It has opened my eyes to the intricacies of the political world – US and global –  (as fictional as the series might have been). As easy as it seems for us to see what politicians should do – it is actually far more complex.
  • It has mesmerised me with the strength of relationships between the team members in both the Bartlet and Santos teams.
  • It seemed that most romantic relationships (apart from the Bartlets) are a bit of a mess – see Josh, Donna, Toby and CJ. Even the Santos’ marriage would have been seriously ‘on the rocks’  if Sorkin would have written another series… The toll the high-powered jobs takes on the ‘love life’.

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