I came across this quote by one of my favourite Christian leaders/thinkers on a ‘hot’ topic that is very intriguing to me these days; he was writing about the importance of maturity in discipleship. Here are some of the qualities of maturity – in his view:

‘The marks of maturity? Self-sustaining in spiritual devotions. Wise in human relationships. Humble and serving. Comfortable and functional in the everyday world where people of faith can be in short supply. Substantial in conversation; prudent in acquisition; respectful in conflict; faithful in commitments.’    Gordon McDonald

It suggests that we ought to become self-motivated – not having people/leaders/pastors constantly pull us towards Christ and the fellowship. It has been my feeling that sometimes – like you would do with the education of a child – you have to expect to see people take some responsability…

People with an apron arround our necks and not a bib (imagery  that I have used in one of my recent messages, though I should have lost the apron sooner….).

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